bootc-upgrade - Download and queue an updated container image to apply


bootc upgrade [--quiet] [--check] [--apply] [-h|--help]


Download and queue an updated container image to apply.

This does not affect the running system; updates operate in an "A/B" style by default.

A queued update is visible as `staged` in `bootc status`.

Currently by default, the update will be applied at shutdown time via `ostree-finalize-staged.service`. There is also an explicit `bootc upgrade --apply` verb which will automatically take action (rebooting) if the system has changed.

However, in the future this is likely to change such that reboots outside of a `bootc upgrade --apply` do *not* automatically apply the update in addition.



: Dont display progress


: Check if an update is available without applying it.

This only downloads an updated manifest and image configuration (i.e. typically kilobyte-sized metadata) as opposed to the image layers.


: Restart or reboot into the new target image.

Currently, this option always reboots. In the future this command will detect the case where no kernel changes are queued, and perform a userspace-only restart.

-h, --help

: Print help (see a summary with -h)