Developer Documentation

This section of the documentation is more oriented towards those who wish to contribute to youki, and contains more information and resources about the working and implementation of it. So if you are thinking of helping, this is a great place to start with.

Also, Thank you! If you have any issues or doubts, you can ask them on youki's discord server here.

This section is split into following parts

  • Basics : This contains general resources and information that you wold need to work with any parts of youki.

  • Unwritten Rules : This is the part to make them written! This will contain conventions and rules that were discussed and decided in PRs or just commonly followed when developing.

  • Good Places to Start : This section will contain some suggestions about the areas that will be a good place to start for new contributors.

  • Crate specific Information : This is split into one sections for each crate, and will contains information and resources specific for that crate.

Happy Contributing!