Repository Structure

This page might be the one that gets most easily outdated, as the structure might change at any time! Thus make sure to update this whenever there are any changes in the overall structure of the whole repo. For the same reason, this does not list the structure in detail but instead describes only the main directories.


Contains workflows and files needed by those workflows.


This is the core of youki. This contains various libraries that are developed alongside of youki and the youki binary itself.


The directory where the source of this documentation resides. The source is also divided into two parts, for developers and users. Please see Documentation documentation for more information.


As the name suggests, contains hack scripts for patching some issues which are currently not solvable in a straightforward way or solving issues for which we have no idea of why they occur.


Contains scripts for various purposes, such as building youki, running integration tests etc. These might be small scripts called from many other scripts, big scripts that perform a complex task or helper scripts for the main makefile.


This contains all the integration tests for validating youki. Note that these are integration tests for start-to-end testing of youki commands. Unit tests for individual parts are in their respective source files in crates.